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Christmas Cake 2018

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Christmas Gift

For corporate order of more than 15 boxes please email us at contact@chefyamashita.com

We will be able to provide corporate price and customize a greeting card for each box.

CY Souffle

Japanese Light Cheese Cake!

Freshly baked Everyday!

Kome Kome Ring *NEW*

100% Gluten Free!
Using Rice gelée from Japan which is made with only rice and water, as the main ingredient.

Enjoy its mocha-like texture the will make you crave for more.

Special Candles

Ichigo (いちご)
Ichigo (いちご)

Ichigo (いちご)

Sponge With Fresh Soft Cream, sliced ​​strawberries A Popular Japanese-Style "Strawberry Shortcake".


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12 cm x 12 cm ( 2-4 pax)

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12 cm x 12 cm ( 2-4 pax)

17cm x 12cm ( 4-8 pax)


17cm x 18cm ( 10-14 pax)


17cm x 22cm ( 15-18 pax)


22cm x 24cm ( 20-25 pax)


24cm x 34cm (26-35 pax)


32cm x 34cm ( 40-50 pax)


34cm x 48cm ( 60-70 pax)


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